Customer Application Form (CAF) Processing Services

CAF processing services from docuvity is designed to automate and optimize the existing rudimentary CAF processing services by adding value through innovation. We have successfully extended our end-to-end Customer Application Form processing services through our service partner to the Telecom Majors and various BFSI’s and earned a trusted name & wealth of experience in processing customer application forms.Praxeva’s comprehensive services for CAF processing is targeted to benefit all the progressive service providers who requires to process large numbers of Customer Application Forms in adherence to the governmental laws, regulation and various Industrial compliance.

How we work

We offer the most comprehensive CAF processing services starting from collection of CAFs from designated locations spread across geographical locations followed by online or offline data capture.

We offer customized CAF processing solutions taking care or pain areas in your business processes. And depending on the nature of your forms and in consultation with you, we offer manual data entry which can be image based or automated data capture with our IT software applications. Duplication of entries is minimized by use of De-Dupe. The CAF data is uploaded into our smart and user-friendly system equipped with role based access control to maximize data security of your customers.


The intense competition in the corporate world underlines the need to capture, process and use customer information rapidly to ensure solution delivery, customer satisfaction and business growth. With most CAF”s in the physical paper format, retrieving right information from them at the right time is tough and time consuming.

Our CAF services offer high-end automated technology that captures data from the physical forms and stores it in a digital format on our platform for easy access.


Any organization, which deals with voluminous CAFs can benefit from our services, including businesses that are required to do so on account of government regulation and/or industrial standards.

Companies in banking, finance, insurance, travel and practically every other industry can benefit from CAF processing services. We are currently catering with our CAF processing services to several major telecom companies and further extending to BFSI’s.


Our CAF services bring greater efficiency to your operations as all critical customer data is easily accessible to instantly act upon. Thus on time solution delivery increasing customer satisfaction and at the same time productivity of operations.

It is possible to generate custom reports based on data entered within the system, enabling you to make more informed strategic business decisions. Outsource your CAF processing to us and get ready to easily extract a wealth of information from your CAFs.